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Government Considers Public Sector Pay Increases Amidst Inflation Concerns

Government Considers Public Sector Pay Increases Amidst Inflation Concerns

The government is reportedly considering pay increases of 6-6.5% for public sector workers,
according to the BBC. Independent pay review bodies have recommended these raises, despite
inflation reaching 8.7% in May. The official announcement is expected soon, pending approval from
the prime minister and chancellor.

Review bodies unanimously proposed 6-6.5% pay increases for various public sector employees,
including teachers, police officers, and civil servants. However, any rises exceeding 3.5% would need
to be funded from existing departmental budgets, as per government sources. Wage discipline
during high inflation is a key consideration.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasizes responsible pay awards to avoid worsening inflation, his top
political priority. There are hints that the government may not accept the recommendations,
potentially leading to tensions with unions and possible strikes.

NHS salaries, except for junior doctors and dentists, are not covered by these recommendations. A
separate deal earlier this year provided a 5% pay rise for NHS workers and a one-off sum for certain
healthcare professionals. Additional pay increases would likely require departments to make cuts

The government rejects funding pay increases through borrowing, citing inflationary risks.
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt warns that borrowing would inject billions into the economy, leading to
price hikes and further inflation.

Government deliberations on public sector pay rises come with inflation concerns and budget
constraints. Despite pay review bodies recommending 6-6.5% increases, responsible wage awards
are stressed during high inflation. The final decision will impact government-union relations and the
potential for future strikes in the public sector.

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