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Complete Guide to Solar Energy

Homeowners have numerous benefits to gain from the fast-growing availability of renewable energy. Today, there are two main types of solar power systems installed in homes across the country. This in-depth guide will familiarise you with these two systems, the types of homeowners who might choose one over the other, the benefits they stand to […]

Best Solar Panels for 2024

The choice between solar panels can be difficult to make. There are so many panels out there, and they all claim to be the best. At Switcheroo, we know that the best way for you—a potential solar panel buyer—to make an informed decision is to have as much information as possible laid out in front […]

Understand Your Energy Bill

Understanding your energy statements is key when you compare energy usage and billing. Knowing what you’re paying for when you get your gas and electricity bills is crucial. If you can read your bills and understand them, you’ll be better positioned to manage and hopefully reduce your monthly costs. This guide from Switcheroo can help […]

How do i switch Energy Supplier

How to Change Energy Providers

Changing energy providers has many benefits. For one, it can get you a deal that saves money. For another, it can give you a supplier that provides a more personalised experience. To top that all off, in todays digital world, switching is easier than ever. So, if you are thinking of making the big move, […]

Which Energy Tariff is Best For Me?

Which Energy Tariff is Best for Me?

When it comes to handling the expenses related to running a household, energy expenses are definitely at the top of the list. They can be quite large and intimidating, but don’t panic! You have more control than you may think over your energy expenses—because it’s not all fixed in stone. Understanding the choices you have, […]

Find My Energy Supplier

Who is my Energy Provider?

Solving the puzzle that is the British energy provider market can be a daunting task, but the good news is that more and more people are discovering the benefits of switching, and you can too! With a broad and diverse array of providers each offering myriad options of tariffs and ancillary services, taking the time […]


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cheap energy deals

New Mortgage Plan Introduced for ‘Zero Energy Bill’ Homes

Octopus Energy and Perenna have launched a home mortgage system with no borrowing costs, a deal that allows owners to become “debt-free” without having to pay back a substantial amount. An inventive collaboration between Octopus Energy and the bond bank Perenna has brought about the extraordinary Zero Bills home mortgage. This new product of tomorrow’s […]

compare energy deals

New compensation rules for delays when switching suppliers

Trying to figure out the payout from an energy switch delay? Understanding the compensation for delay when trying to switch energy suppliers (and how those payments are divvied up between the old and new supplier and the energy network distributor) can seem, and is, complicated. Here’s what you need to know. If you opt to […]

energy comparison

UK’s Eco-Shift: Transitioning Homes to Heat Pumps

What is behind the recent trend of the rising amount of applications for government funding to replace outdated boilers? Improved air source heat pumps are gaining massive attention. Lately, there has been a significant shift in the UK’s home heating scene, driven by various endeavors such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). Survey findings for […]

compare utility companies uk

2024 ADE Report on Energy Efficiency in British Homes

The Association for Decentralized Energy (ADE) recently revealed a revolutionary plan to address the problem of energy inefficiency in British homes. This forward-looking proposal provides practical measures for engaing the private sector to fund widespread energy-saving improvements, to help reduce the economic burden on millions, and find gas and electric best deals. The Impact of […]

gas and electric best deals

£210 Energy Refund for Octopus, British Gas, EON, and EDF Customers

In the UK, millions of energy customers could receive refunds from major energy suppliers like Octopus Energy, British Gas, and EDF. According to new reports, customers of large energy companies – including names like Octopus Energy, EDF and British Gas – could be in for large repayments as a growing trend suggests the majority of […]

compare gas and electric

Unlock Savings with the New Energy Price Cap

The following narrative offers a 1000 word reply to the prompt dispute, featuring a blend of sentence configurations: Understanding the Alternative Energy Price Lid: Opening up Financial savings and Understanding just about all Strategies In the United Kingdom, the energy sector has experienced a big change with the recent adjustment to the energy price cap. […]

cheapest energy supplier

UK’s Best Value: Your Cheapest Energy Supplier

The Cheapest Energy Supplier: Navigating the Complex UK Energy Market Energy UK, the trade association for the UK energy industry, has issued a response to the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets’ (Ofgem) call for input on the pressing issues of energy debt and affordability within the domestic retail market. This response comes at a […]

fixed energy deals

UK’s Top Fixed Energy Deals: 2024 Trends

Looking for the best way to save on your energy expenditures for a greener and more sustainable future? Opting for fixed energy deals in the UK could be the answer you’re searching for. In the current climate of rapidly fluctuating energy price hikes, this is a popular choice for UK consumers. Let’s dive into the […]

compare commercial energy prices

Compare UK Commercial Energy Prices: 2024 Guide

As we traverse through February 2024, it’s time to take a closer look at the UK’s energy industry and discover how to compare commercial energy prices effectively. The need for energy-efficient and budget-friendly solutions has never been more pressing, prompting many companies, households, and businesses to rethink and reimagine their energy usage strategies. Understanding the […]

Who is Rebel Energy: UK’s Renewable Powerhouse 2024

Who is Rebel Energy? If you’re an eco-conscious UK consumer, this question is sure to pique your interest. Rebel Energy is a fresh face in the UK energy sector, striving to revolutionise not only how we generate and consume energy but also how we perceive it within our daily lives. With the energy market undergoing […]