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Who is my Energy Provider?

Solving the puzzle that is the British energy provider market can be a daunting task, but the good news is that more and more people are discovering the benefits of switching, and you can too! With a broad and diverse array of providers each offering myriad options of tariffs and ancillary services, taking the time to understand these choices has the potential to pay off significantly. But before any of that, the first step is to determine who happens to be supplying your energy so that you can switch to a better deal with confidence.

Locating Your Gas Supplier

Interested to know who is fueling your residence? Put in your details on the Find My Supplier portal. Not simply can you uncover the company, but the answer will also reveal your Meter Point Reference Figure and define the gas distributor in your area.

These details are not purely academic, either. Should anything occur down the track with your gas supply, fixing it is going to be a hell of a lot easier with this information at your fingertips. Don’t want to do it yourself? That really isn’t necessary – it’s up to your gas supplier to find and present this knowledge for you. Then you have it all without break the sweat.

Can you tell me who my gas network distributor is?

The Energy Networks Association offers a useful tool that utiliaes your postal code to inform you about the natural gas network provider in your vicinity and provide their contact information. However, unlike Find My Supplier, it doesn’t reveal the details of your natural gas supplier.

If you would rather speak over the phone, reach out to the Meter Point Administration Service by dialing 0870 608 1524. They will provide you with your MPRN, which is a unique property identifier and will remain the same even if you switch gas suppliers.

Tracking Down Your Electricity Supplier

Finding out who supplies your electricity is a bit more tricky. Most electricity suppliers have access to a single national database containing details for every UK address and can tell you who your electricity provider is.

Not all have access online, however. Western Power Distribution is a case in point, providing online access to this database for its regions in the Midlands, the South West, and South Wales. If your electricity network operator isn’t part of the Western Power Distribution, then the solace is even if you reside in an area where the network operator doesn’t provide access, the database is still accessible to any licensed energy supplier, who will respond directly to you with information about your current electricity supplier.

Who Manages Your Energy Network?

Behind every flick of your switch and turn of your thermostat are the unsung heroes of energy distribution. These companies manage the infrastructure like cables and power lines. Hit a snag like a power cut? They’re your first call. Not sure who they are? The Energy Networks Association offers a tool to find your gas network distributor via your postcode. Alternatively, the Meter Point Administration Service is ready to help at 0870 608 1524.

Northern Scotland and Southern England – Scottish and Southern Energy
North West England – Electricity Northwest
North East England – Northern Powergrid
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire, North Wales – SP Energy Networks
Midlands, South West and South Wales – National Grid
London, South East and East England – UK Power Networks
Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Electricity


  • Your energy supplier sorts out tariffs and your energy bills
  • Your energy network distributor looks after the equipment that makes up the energy network in your local area, such as power lines and gas pipes
  • The Energy Networks Association has an online tool you can use to find out who your energy network distributor
  • You need to know who your energy supplier is if you want to switch to another tariff – this isn’t the same company as your energy network distributor

The Art of Switching Suppliers

After locating your current supplier, if you feel there might be a better alternative, consider our Energy Comparison service! All you need to do is provide us with the details of your present tariff, as well as your energy consumption.

We will then perform an exhaustive search for value-added deals, calculate any termination fees, and compare energy prices to help you identify improved alternatives. The switch is simple and won’t impact your electricity or gas supply.

It only takes around three weeks on average to complete, and your new supplier will take responsibilities for all the administrative duties. Would you like to create a brighter gas or electricity future for yourself? Feel free to visit Switcheroo’s website and obtain amazing energy savings!